Tree Nurseries and Tree Planting

Winam JUA CBO engages in tree nursery development and tree seedlings distribution in conjuction with community groups such as women and youth groups, religious groups, schools and community centers. Through this, we propagate the conservation of our environment to ensure posterity is served well.

We also work with the County government to further encourage activities that do not endanger our natural environment. We promote alternatives to using firewood for cooking and urge the department of environment to support use of such alternatives and discourage through policy the continuation of environmentally harmful practices such as cutting of trees.

We call on private entities, individuals and other partners to work with us in sponsoring these events for the good of our environment.

Public Education and Skills Transfer

The organization organizes public education fora such as workshops and demonstrations in schools, community groups, churches and at workshops.

We also participate in other events such as the International Agricultural Society of Kenya Shows to exhibit the effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency of use of clean energy as a viable alternative in the tropics.

Production and Distribution of Solar and Other Clean Energy Cookers/Stoves

The organization draws knowledge from around the world for the production of the highest quality of clean energy machines and goods. An example is the recently produced solar drier at our center in Kisumu, which is capable of using solar energy for recharging of phones.

A second such drier has been produced in Rabuor and many more will be done to expand this knowledge, encourage knowledge transfer and promote use of healthily processed food products.

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Advocacy and Lobbying

Where need arises, the organization engages in lobbying to ensure friendlier legislation is passed both at the County government level and the national government to ensure clean energy promotion and protection of our environment.

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